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Of Mothers and Children - Epiphanies and Confessions

Tittle: Of Mothers and Children - Epiphanies and Confessions
Author: storm_8
Fandom: CSI
Pairings: Sara/Sofia
Raiting: PG
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Ha! Obviously I don't own any of these characters except the original one's...
A/N: Not betaed, so all mistakes are mine.

Something to tide people over, and for me not to go mad without internet... The next one will have Mrs. Jenkins in it, interfering with the budding relationship...

Enjoy and comment, because it let's me know I should continue!!!!

Epiphanies happened at the oddest locations and opportunities. A person could be sitting on the toilet and suddenly have an epiphany; or it could happen while in the bath (like with Archimedes… only legend has it he started running down the street completely naked…).

To Jennifer it had come after her fight with Angelica.

At the time, she had been sitting in the infirmary, Alex’s arms around her. She remembered thinking she could stay there forever. Somewhere along that line of thought it hit her, very suddenly, just what the fight had been about – she didn’t want Alex dating Angelica, or any other girl for that matter.

Now she sat, two weeks later, with three of her best friends in Alex’s living room doing homework. The brunette had offered to help her in maths, and because Ashley and Jack were working on a science project, they had decided Ms. Sidle was the best person to guide them along.

When the tomboy started on equations and other things similarly difficult (or difficult for her anyway), Jen started drifting off.

She had been thinking about how she loved Alex’s short hair, when a hand waving in front of her snapped her back to the present. “Jen, are you listening to me?” the girl asked.

She blushed at being caught daydreaming.

“Are you feeling alright? ‘Cause you look kind of flushed…” The blush only increased when a worried Alex put a hand on her forehead.

Their interaction had attracted the attention of the other three people present. Sara smiled at the worried look on her daughter’s face and at Jen’s attempts to reassure her. Next to the brunette woman, Ashley and Jack whispered back and forth.

“You know, I think Jen finally figured it out.”

The girl raised an eyebrow “You think so?”

Jack nodded “She’s been spacing out more than usual and whenever Alex walks into the room she blushes. And that fight with Angelica could have only been about one person…”

“Humm… Now if Alex would just get it together…” Ashley muttered, looking back to her friends.

“Alex, really. I’m fine. It’s just these things…” Jen waved to her maths book “… are really boring and I just spaced out.” If only she could get the blush under control, that was actually believable.

Not entirely convinced, the tomboy opened her mouth to argue further, when suddenly the front door opened and her blonde mother walked in with Tommy, Jill and JJ.

The 4-year-old boy bounded into the living room and hugged Jennifer. She patted his head lovingly and hugged back; she absolutely adored the little boy and his cute grins.

“Hey, JJ! Don’t I get a hug too?” Ashley complained good-naturedly. He smiled and shook his head no. Before she could look affronted, Jill came up to her and hugged her.

Alex just shook her head while everyone else chuckled.

Later that day, after all homework and tutoring was done, Jack and Alex had moved to the backyard to shoot some hoops, while the two girls chatted with Sara and Sofia in the kitchen. JJ sat in the living room drawing and colouring away, while Jill and Tommy argued about what to watch on the TV.

“So, Jennifer, Alex told us you were in a fight...?” the girl nearly choked on the juice she was drinking at the detective’s question.

“I, uhh… well…” she was blushing again.

“She just stormed out of science class, slammed Angelica against the lockers and then the fight started. They had to be sent to the infirmary.” Ashley supplied, which earned her a glare from her friend. “Oh, and she won’t tell us what it was about.” She added, although she was fairly certain she knew what had been the cause. After all, rumors did travel fast.

“Well, when I was still in school, boys fought over girls and sometimes girls would fight over boys…” Sofia grinned mischievously. Sara frowned at her wife’s words; the blonde was up to something again. “Were you fighting with that Angelica girl over a boy, Jennifer?”

This time the girl did choke on her drink. The CSI rolled her eyes at the other woman; Sofia and subtlety did not mix in certain situations.

Trying to get her breathing back under control, Jen managed to stutter: “No, it certainly wasn’t over any boy…” Only too late did she realize what she’d said.

“Oh, and what is that supposed to mean now?” Ashley asked, grinning evilly “Was the fight over a girl, then?”

Blushing furiously, the girl just sighed and dropped her head to table she was sitting at. That answered the question…

After being mercilessly teased by Ash, Jen just gave up and told them everything. Or almost everything; she conveniently forgot to say who the girl she had a crush on was. She had felt better and Alex’s mothers had been surprisingly helpful. She did wonder though what would happen if they knew it was their own daughter they had been giving her tips to woo.

She had moved outside when Ashley left and watched, as Jack was beat over and over again by their friend.

“Ah, this ain’t fair.” He complained wiping his forehead.

“What isn’t fair?” Alex grinned at him “I think you’re just jealous that I can play really well and you… suck!”

The boy hit his friend on the back of the head. “Hey, I certainly don’t want any of those fan girls you have running after you. Hell, Angelica is the worst of them all…”

The brunette rolled her eyes. “I don’t have that many fan girls… Do I?” she asked, frowning.

“Oh don’t worry. Jen can fight them all off…” He smirked and then ran into the house before any of the two girls could chase after him.

The girl in question could feel her cheeks heating up again.

“Idiot.” Alex shook her head and extended a hand to her friend. “You wanna shoot some hoops?” Unable to resist the silly grin on the tomboy’s face, Jen agreed.
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