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Weekend at Lake Mead

Tittle: Of Mothers and Children - Weekend at Lake Mead
Author: storm_8
Fandom: CSI
Pairings: Sara/Sofia
Raiting: PG 13
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Ha! Obviously I don't own any of these characters except the original one's...
A/N: Not betaed, so all mistakes are mine.

Another funny piece about Sara and Sofia and their life with four children. People seem to be enjoying this, so I'll try and keep this up. If anyone has suggestions they are very welcome.

Enjoy and please comment!

Being the Dayshift Supervisor did have its perks. It had downsides, like having to put up with Ecklie on an almost daily basis, but the perks did more than make up for any complaints the man liked to rain down on her. Also, when Jim had retired, Sofia was appointed as the new Homicide Captain. Even though she had to deal with Undersheriff McKeen more directly than before, the post had its perks too.

Sara and Sofia were currently enjoying one of the perks that came with their jobs: an entire weekend off with their children at Lake Mead.

They had found a somewhat secluded spot on the sandy beach and Sofia, armed with camera, took pictures of the kids frolicking around in the water. She laughed when Jill managed to dunk her brother Tommy in the water and gave a victory sign.

Sara and Alex were trying to teach little JJ to swim. Trying being the key word. They argued back and forth, while JJ, knee deep in the water, looked on very amused.

“Seriously, mom! Let me do the teaching, because I still remember very clearly the times you tried to teach me to swim.”

“That was one time! And it was actually Greg’s fault. He just threw you in and hoped whatever instincts you had would kick in.” Sara shot back.

“Oh really?” Alex raised an eyebrow and smirked evilly “You mean like this?”

Sofia raised her camera just in time to capture the moment Sara hit the water with a huge splash. At the sound of JJ’s laughter, the other two siblings looker over to see their brunette mother sputtering water. Glaring, she launched herself at her daughter sending them both splashing into the water and giving Sofia lots of hilarious pictures.

“Mom, JJ is eating sand again.” Tommy said, slurping loudly from his straw. Alex rolled her eyes at him and smacked him on the head, while Sara attempted to grab the sand covered cookie from her son. Sofia snapped a picture.

“Jillian Sidle! You’re supposed to eat your food, not wear it!” the detective admonished the blonde girl when she noticed the state her bathing suit was in. Jill just gave a toothy grin and snatched another handful of pretzels from the bag. The blonde woman could only chuckle and take another picture.

“Hey, look!” Tommy said suddenly “Isn’t that Mr. Carter?” Everyone turned in the direction he was pointing at. Mr. Carter was indeed walking along the shore, clad in a red pair of shorts. When he noticed them, he waved and walked over.

“Hi, kids! Ladies. What a lovely surprise.”

“Andrew.” Sofia greeted and Sara nodded at him, still struggling with JJ and his sand covered food. “What brigs you to Lake Mead? I thought you were working this weekend.”

The man plopped down next to Tommy and ruffled is hair. “Oh, my boss changed his mind at the last minute.” He then leaned in and said conspiratorially, eyes fixed on Sofia “I came here to run away from Mrs. Jenkins. Since you left last Friday, the woman has no one around to keep her on her toes and she kept bugging me with apocalyptical catastrophes and doomsday prophecies.”

“She didn’t say anything about us?” the blonde woman questioned, grinning widely.

“She did. Something about sins against the grace of God and children possessed by evil spirits. Mrs. Spencer, from next door, escorted her back to her house and promised to bake some biscuits if Mrs. Jenkins stopped speaking nonsense.”

Alex and Sofia started laughing so hard, that even JJ got distracted and Sara succeeded in getting the ruined food away from him. When the boy tried biting into the cookie supposedly in his hand, he frowned, realizing it wasn’t there anymore. “Mommy! I want cookie!” he wailed, a cute pout on his face.

“I’ll give you the cookies if you promise not to bury them in the sand.” Sara returned sternly.

She received a big grin and a “Yes, Mommy.”

Still very suspicious about his intentions, Sara gave JJ a few cookies and watched amused as he proceeded to stuff two in his mouth and offer another to Andrew.

“Thank you, young man. That’s very kind of you.” He replied with a grin, accepting the cookie.

“Mrs. Jenkins is indeed very creepy.” Tommy said, slurping through his straw again.

“I think it’s because she has too many cats.” Jill stated. Everyone blinked.

“Ehh, what?” her older brother asked, rubbing his forehead.

“What makes you say that, Jilly-bean?” Sofia asked.

“Well, in some TV shows they say that if a woman doesn’t marry, she gets a lot of cats, and because she has lots of cats, she only loves the cats and becomes creepy, especially with children.” The young girl stated, very proud of herself.

Mr. Carter started laughing again, Sara and Sofia joining in. Tommy continued to rub his forehead, trying to understand his sister’s logic, if there was any. Alex sighed, thinking she was the only sane person in this family. James Junior, big brown eyes staring in awe, offered Jill another cookie, because she was very smart.

Because it was Sunday, and the children had school the next day, they had to return to the camping site and start packing tents and whatever remained of the food. Mr. Carter, ever the gentleman, offered to help and the women gladly accepted. However, Sara had to roll her eyes at her wife, when she overheard the detective and their neighbour plotting against Mrs. Jenkins.

As the younger children were prone to cause more damage than help packing, they were sent off to wash the dishes. If asked, Alex would tell you that this had been a very bad idea.

While rummaging around in one of the tents for a pair of jeans, she never noticed her siblings, lead by Tommy, approach. She did notice when they dumped three glasses of ice-cold water on her back.

Laughing madly, the three children ran away in different directions, while Alex yelled and screamed and chased after them.
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