storm_8 (storm_8) wrote,

Everyday Heroes

Tittle: Everyday Heroes
Author: storm_8
Fandom: AU Women's Murder Club and CSI Crossover
Pairings: We'll see, but there is Lindsay/Cindy and Sofia/OC
Raiting: PG for now
Spoilers: After the end of the WMC series, only Tom isn't in the picture and Sofia Curtis is Lindsay's partner
Disclaimer: Ha! Obviously I don't own any of these characters except the original one's...
Author's Note #1: Very much un-betaed, so mistakes are mine. Also, if someone would be interested in taking up said betaing, I'd be happy.
Author's Note #2: I already have a few more chapters on this story. If you think it's worth it, I'll post them and continue on with the story.

It wasn’t the first time I had been in the diner. After a particular harrowing day in the ER of Mission Cross North Hospital, I found myself wandering the streets of San Francisco trying to regain my balance. I reached Susie’s Diner and because I needed to relax and some friendly company I went in.
Pausing at the door, my eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lighting. Susie’s Diner wasn’t only a diner, but also a bar/club. Susie, the owner, tried to meet everyone’s needs whether one wanted to have some fun dancing, have some drinks after work at the bar or enjoy some of the best food in the area.
Passing by Jack, one of the bouncers, I nodded in acknowledgment and headed to the bar. I grinned when I saw Lizzie bustling about behind the bar, serving drinks and chatting away with some of the customers.
When she saw me approaching, her smile got impossibly bigger.
“Well, howdy Doc. Watcha doing in this part of town?”
I sat down in one of the empty stools and before I could reply she reached across the counter and hugged me, nearly dragging me over it.
“Whoa, Liz, ease up. Good to see you too.” The smile I gave her didn’t really reach my eyes and she noticed right away. She started on a tirade.
“Al, what happened babe? Don’t tell me it was that bimbo of a girlfriend of yours? What’d she do? When I get my hands on her for hurting my Al, I’ll…”
“You’ll what exactly, Liz?” I interrupted, raising an eyebrow “Jamie is nearly twice your size, she eats women like you for breakfast. Besides, we broke up weeks ago.” Then I remembered something she had said just before “And since when am I “your Al”?”
She stopped at that and looked at me. I saw this mischievous glint in her eyes and then she was giving me her best seductive smile, one that could send men, and some women, into the upper layers of the atmosphere.
I just raised an eyebrow and waited.
She leaned over the counter giving me a very good view down her cleavage. I stared way longer than propriety allows. Smirking, I looked up into her eyes, which still glinted mischievously. She ran her fingers along my arm resting on the bar and seductively whispered “You know, we could always go back to your place when my shift is over to correct that. I wouldn’t mind you taking me, if I could see you lost in ecstasy…”.
I was a bit surprised by that, but I recovered quickly. I placed my hand on top of hers and lifted it into the light. “Really? What do you think the person who put this ring here…” I traced her ring finger “…would say about that proposal of yours?” I whispered back.
She pouted a bit and I had to smile “Alex, you spoil all the fun!”
“I just don’t think Chris would appreciate me sleeping with her wife. Now, if you weren’t taken, that would be a different story…” I said running my eyes up and down her body and smiling evilly “Yep, totally different story…”
She smacked me on the arm “Alexandra Connor, get your mind out of the gutter!” She said louder this time.
“Get my mind out of the gutter? You were just suggesting we get it on…”
“I hope you aren’t talking about what I think you’re talking, Connor. I’d have to kick you to Nevada and back.” A voice said from behind me. I looked over my shoulder, spotting Chris smirking at the two of us. I gave her an embarrassed smile.
“Not everyone can be as lucky as you, having a wife like Lizzie…” I leaned back, closer to Chris “… even if she hits on other people just for fun.” That comment earned me another smack on the arm from Lizzie.
Chris just laughed and, putting an arm around my shoulders, asked Liz to bring me one of her specials. Sitting on the stool next to me she brought up the motive of my visit to Susie’s.
“So, I heard about that school bus. That why you here?” She looked concerned.
I sighed, the earlier carefree atmosphere gone.
“Yeah, 23 kids. We saved 3. And the worst? It wasn’t an accident. At least that’s what the Homicide Detectives say…”
Lizzie put a very colorful drink in front of me and disappeared to serve another customer, smiling as she went.
Homicide Inspector Lindsay Boxer of the San Francisco Police Department was not happy. The fact that her partner Inspector Sofia Curtis found the whole situation amusing only served to aggravate her further.
Ignoring the smirk on her partner’s face she focused her glare on the redhead looking at her from the other side of the holding cell.
“So let me see if I understood this correctly. You we’re down by the docks, making yourself AVAILABLE to entertain these sleazy looking men, and you don’t think it should be called PROSTITUITION???!!!” She bellowed the last word, causing everyone in close proximity to scurry away.
Cindy Thomas, intrepid crime reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, scratched the back of her neck and tried to look innocent, even though she knew it was failing miserably, especially because she was wearing the skimpiest outfit ever seen.
“Linz, you’re blowing it out of proportion…” she tried, before the intensity of the Boxer laser vision increased, shutting her up instantly. She looked at Sofia pleadingly.
“Oh no, Lois Lane. Don’t look at me, ‘cause it ain’t gonna help you out of this one.”
Before anyone could say or do anything else, Lieutenant Carla Preston hollered from her office for Inspectors Boxer and Curtis. Sofia just grinned at the image Lindsay and Cindy presented and headed for the Boss’ office. Lindsay followed, but not before giving another ten-force glare to one very miffed Cindy Thomas. “You could at least get me out of here!” she yelled after her retreating friend. When she got no response, she huffed and sat down on the bench, muttering something about hot homicide inspectors and their boiling tempers.
Lindsay hadn’t gone completely through the Lieutenant’s office door, when the woman started complaining.
“What is Miss Thomas doing, lurking around the docks and getting herself arrested… again? And on charges of prostitution?” The woman crossed her arms and waited for some sort of answer.
Sofia tried to hide her grin, thinking it inappropriate for the current situation. Lindsay just rolled her eyes at the absurdity of it all.
“Lieutenant, she was just trying to help. I did specify that the help should not involve illegal activities, but she didn’t listen as usual.” Inspector Boxer rubbed her forehead, feeling a headache coming. “She did manage to get the information we needed and we’ve put out a BOLO for the suspect’s car, so now we just have to wait for him to pop up somewhere.”
“I’ve got to give it to Miss Thomas, she gets her work done. That doesn’t mean she is above the law.” The Lieutenant was saying as Jill walked into the office.
“Hey, I’ve got the paperwork sorted. Cindy can be released now.” She said sporting a cheeky grin “Although I think, with the way she’s dressed she’d be safer in the holding cell.”
This time Sofia couldn’t contain herself and laughed. Lindsay just growled and left the office to release the reporter.
Later that day, Lindsay and Sofia were driving back to the station after apprehending their latest criminal (of course Lindsay still wanted to yell at Cindy for being so careless), when the call came over the radio.
“All units report to the intersection between St. Peter’s Avenue and the 16th street. We have a possible 480, with several casualties. All units report…”
Lindsay and Sofia glanced at each other. Turning on the sirens, Inspector Boxer did a full U-turn barely avoiding hitting several other cars, and stepped on the gas.

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