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Tittle: Of Mothers and Children - It couldn't get worse...
Author: storm_8
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Sara/Sofia
Raiting: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Ha! Obviously I don't own any of these characters except the original one's...
A/N: Not betaed, so all mistakes are mine.

So, after a very long time, the muse decided it was time to go back to "Of Mothers and Children". The fact that I wrote 5 pages of fic, while I should be doing problem sheets about very complicated stuff says a lot... 

This one follows from the previous fic "First date", but because some people requested very nicely for me to write this, this one deals with Sara and Sofia's first date.

Let me know whether you like it, think it's weird, think it could be better... You know... Comment!!

Eighteen years earlier…

Sara thought the day could not get any worse and it wasn’t even 8 in the morning yet. There had been a flat tire on the way to work the evening before, so she was very late when she arrived at the lab. Consequently she got to process every criminologist’s nightmare of a scene, when her supervisor had told her she was to work on her own on a suspicious circumstances case – process a hotel room that had been turned upside down and with its occupants missing.

Then, upon arriving at the scene, she realised that Detective Morrison, who chewed too much gum and talked too much about his private life, was working the case. After eight hours of lifting fingerprints and fibres, swabbing dubious organic and inorganic stains, bagging bed sheets and champagne glasses, Sara Sidle was pissed. Luckily, Morrison had left about an hour after she had arrived, so she was spared the details of the man’s latest impromptu romp in the PD’s bathroom (‘That didn’t really happen, did it?’ she had thought to herself).

In the end, to add insult to injury, she’d had another flat tire on her way back (which resulted in some stomping and tire kicking when no one was looking.).

So, Sara thought it couldn’t get much worse…

“Sara, I need to see you in my office. As soon as you can.” Grissom said as he passed by the layout room she was currently ensconced in, working away at photographing and swabbing the ridiculous amount of organic stains on the bed sheets spread on the table.

The brunette frowned; Murphy and his damned law…



Sofia was having a relatively good night; she was mostly up-to-date on her paperwork and her latest perp just so happened to think himself smart enough to offer his help to the police, only to be caught 5 minutes later because he had forgotten to hide the knife he’d used to stab his neighbour.

She was also happy that Sara was finally talking to her again, after the kiss they’d shared two months before had sent the other woman running for the hills and beyond. It was quite the improvement after the icy treatment she’d had to withstand for an entire month. Maybe she shouldn’t have been so blunt about it; clearly Sara needed some time to feel comfortable with this sort of thing and even more time to do anything about it.

With thoughts of the brunette woman to keep her company, Sofia left the PD intent on finding Nick and getting the DNA results from the knife.



“It has come to my attention that you’ve gone overboard with your overtime. Again.” Grissom started, as soon as Sara had sat down in front of his desk.

The woman lifted an eyebrow and frowned “ ‘It has come to your attention’? Now I know something unpleasant is about to happen… Nobody says that unless, they’re either about to fire an employee or suspending them.”

Her supervisor took his glasses off and set them on the desk “Well, you’re not being fired. Or suspended. You’re taking a two week vacation though-”

“Two weeks?? But…”

The man raised a hand before she went on a tirade “Two weeks. No ifs, no buts. Starting at the end of this shift.”

Sara pouted like a scolded child and then left in a huff.



Sofia had been in the DNA lab talking to Wendy and Nick, when the brunette stormed past it, muttering about Grissom, overtime and forced vacations.

“Hey, Sara!” Wendy called out, waving a file in the air. “I got some of those DNA results of yours back.”

The CSI didn’t even bother with a reply, yanking the file from the tech’s grasp and reading through it. Her frown only intensified.

“That’s brilliant. Everyone and their brother has been in that hotel room…”

“It can’t be that bad…” Sofia offered sympathetically, only to wince when Sara glared at her and left without any further comments.

“Someone’s in a pissy mood…” Nick said.

They all jumped when Sara’s voice floated into the lab before she turned around the corner: “I heard that!”

The Texan grinned and left as well, leaving the two women to ponder the brunette’s behaviour.

“Personally, I think she needs to get married and have a bunch of kids. She needs a different kind of stress in her life.” Wendy offered. Sofia blinked stupidly.

“What does that have to do with anything?” the detective inquired.

The DNA tech rolled her eyes “Of for the love of God, just ask her out, marry her and have kids. Then she’ll be happy, won’t work overtime and, therefore, won’t be pissy either.” She said as if it was the most obvious thing to do “I’m taking a break.” She added and left as well.

Sofia stood rooted to the floor. She couldn’t have been that obvious about her feelings… Then she remembered what Sara had been muttering about: two weeks of vacation due to overtime. The detective grinned wickedly; her night had been going pretty well so far, so why not give it a try…



When Sofia stepped into the layout room, cheeky grin and all, Sara had had enough of being the butt of the current cosmic joke.

“No. No. Whatever it is, it’ll only make my day worse and I’m already way past the point of ‘if something can go wrong it will go wrong’.” She stated using air quotes for emphasis. “Murphy and his law be damned.”

“Well, I was thinking that-” Sofia started, only to be rudely interrupted.

“No! Absolutely not! Turn around and get your cute butt out of here. I want to finish my shift, go home and pretend the last twelve hours of disaster after disaster did not happen.” Sara pointed a swab at the blonde woman and made shooing motions with her other hand.

‘Well, then…’ Sofia thought, when the CSI went back to her work, ignoring her completely ‘She is clearly not herself today – pointing swabs and shooing
me out of- Wait a minute…’

“Cute butt?”

The detective hadn’t meant to say that out loud and when the brunette stiffened, Sofia grimaced. This could not end well…

Sara decided that the day was clearly not her day. Or night. Two flat tires, processing a hotel room, being forced into a vacation and now her inner filter was malfunctioning. She scowled and glared at the bed sheet lying in front of her. If the Cosmos wanted to laugh at her, it was going to do so on her

“Oh to hell with it!” The outburst made Sofia jump slightly. Then her jaw nearly hit the floor, when Sara put the evidence away and shoved the box onto a shelf. The CSI was known for being nothing but careful with case evidence and what she was doing was very out of character.

“Sara? What are y-” The blonde was again interrupted when she was grabbed by an arm, pushed against the table in the middle of the room and kissed roughly.

To say that Sofia was shocked was an understatement. She stood there, stock still, while Sara kissed her. But then her brain caught up with the present: Sara was, voluntarily, kissing her

When the connection was made, her entire being lit on fire. A volcano erupted inside of her and she melted. Melted into Sara. Melted into the kiss.

For her part, Sara had been rather surprised by her boldness. She’d also been rather unprepared for the flare of desire and emotion that coursed through her the moment she’d touched the other woman’s lips. It scared

But when Sofia gave in and their kiss went from rough to slow and sweet in a heartbeat, it also felt like coming home.



They agreed on a dinner date for the next evening, but Murphy still wanted to get one last laugh out of Sara before leaving to ruin someone else’s life.

As soon as the brunette had stepped into her apartment building, whistling and grinning like an idiot, she realised the elevator was out of service ‘until further notice’ – which usually meant ‘not anytime soon’ in this particular building. So she had to walk up the stairs to her floor, the 10th

Everything that followed after that was mainly due to panic settling in at the prospect of a date with Sofia Curtis.


“I’m gonna be late!” Sara hissed as she emerged from the bathroom, hair still dripping, and started looking through her wardrobe. “What to wear? What to wear?” She muttered to herself, scanning her possible choices with a critical eye and tapping a foot.

When there was a knock on her door fifteen minutes later, the brunette had already changed in and out of five different outfits and was midway through her sixth.

“Did I come at a bad time?” Sofia inquired when a half dressed Sara opened the door.

The brunette looked down at herself and realised she was in her bra and jeans and had only one of her socks on. She blushed and disappeared back into her bedroom to finish dressing, leaving Sofia at the door.

The detective gulped. Seeing Sara in a bra had been… well, hot, if she said so herself, but it certainly hadn’t helped her nerves. She was so afraid of doing something wrong that would send the brunette running for the hills again, that she’d barely gotten any sleep.

The CSI came back to the living room, this time fully dressed, and found the blonde looking worriedly around.

“Sofia? You okay?”

The woman jumped at the sound of her name and swivelled around, eyes wide. “Ah, Sara. Don’t scare me like that.”

The CSI couldn’t help but grin. Knowing Sofia was nervous, helped ease her own frayed nerves somewhat.

The detective let out a breath and decided she was gonna enjoy this night, no matter what happened. Sara was worth the risk. And as long as she made Sara smile, even if it was at her own expense, Sofia figured not much could go wrong.

“I’m ready. Let’s go. Where are you taking me, by the way?” The brunette asked as she held the door for Sofia to pass and then closed it behind them.

“Now, that would be ruining the surprise wouldn’t it?”




“Well, I think that aside from you forgetting your keys and me picking your lock, the date went pretty well…”

Sara rose up on an elbow and glared down at the blonde. “Why do you always have to focus on that? I’d like to think that out of everything that happened that day, it’d be the image of me in my underwear that you would remember most vividly…”

Sofia grinned up at her wife. “I don’t need to remember that. I get to see it everyday. Much better than a memory…”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, Curtis.” The brunette mocked, but the tiny smile on her lips gave away her true feelings.

Flipping them off the couch and onto the fluffy carpet, the detective replied: “Oh, I don’t know. I find it gets me to a lot of places, one of them being your bed.”

Sara just snorted and pulled her down for a kiss.



In a mall across town, leaning against the railing, Alex dialled her mother’s number and waited. Next to her, Jen had slipped an arm through hers and looked down at the people coming and going, a content smile on her face.



When a phone started ringing, Sofia groaned and reached blindly for it. Sara saw it as an opportunity and flipped them over, so she could have unrestrained access to her partner’s neck.

“Hello?” Sofia croaked into the phone and then had to bite her lip to keep a moan from escaping. The brunette had found her pulse point and was doing things with her hands that always succeeded in driving her crazy.

“Mom? You okay? You sound funny.” Alex asked from the other end of the line.

Sofia’s eyes widened comically as she realised it was her daughter who’d called.

” She hissed, covering the phone with her hand “We need to stop. Alex is- oh God!”

Alex could have sworn she’d heard her mother moan
. She pulled the phone away from her ear and looked at it strangely.

“What?” Jennifer asked. The brunette just shrugged and put the phone back to her ear. Her mothers wouldn’t
be making out, or doing… other… things, while on the phone with her.

“Mom?” she asked again.

The reply that came over the line had Alex turning pale white and then blushing so hard, the air temperature around her rose a few degrees. Jen looked over worriedly.

As loud as she dared in the crowded mall, she yelled into the phone: “MOM!! You’re NOT making out while on the phone with me!!”



( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
Feb. 17th, 2010 03:02 pm (UTC)
Glad to see you back with this!
Loved seeing a glimpse into Sara and Sofia's past!
Feb. 19th, 2010 05:26 pm (UTC)
This one took a while to come out. Every time I started writing it, it just didn't sit well with me.
Glad you enjoyed their history.
Feb. 17th, 2010 03:56 pm (UTC)
You're back ^o^
And I loved this shot, nice background material to how it all began ^^
And poor Alex rofl
Feb. 19th, 2010 05:28 pm (UTC)
Yes, I'm back. It's really ridiculous how long this took to write (aside from all the work I have to do as well...)
I'm glad you like it! It turned out better than I hoped.

And that last scene with Alex had been on my mind forever! I really should give the girl a break...

Thanks for reading!
Feb. 17th, 2010 10:23 pm (UTC)
heheee... poor Alex, her mothers are sooooo bad! Making out while on phone with her. :)

Of course if she hadn't called then it wouldnt have happened. :)

Loved their first date. :)

Waiting for more.
Feb. 19th, 2010 05:31 pm (UTC)
The scene with Alex, was the only thing that I knew I wanted to put in this fic. Everything else I must've rewritten a few times. And then it just all came out nicely.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.
( 6 comments — Leave a comment )